Enable high quality information technology skill and knowledge

Software Architect Indonesia Community (SARCCOM) is a non-profit organization that has vision and mission to make people have a better skill and knowledge in information technology field so it can be useful in real world and make a real impact on industries

Pair Programming In Practice 9 December 2017

Hi Folks!,

Popularized by Extreme Programming enthusiasts a couple of decades ago, the act of programming together with another developer on the same workstation gained massive adoption within several company. Nowadays, Pair Programming is seen as an effective way to keep our folks happy, productive and learning.

Pair programming is an agile software development technique in which two programmers work together at one workstation. One, the driver, writes code while the other, the observer or navigator, reviews each line of codeas it is typed in. The two programmers switch roles frequently.
Let's hear and see how the engineer from Doku and Tommy Sullivan as VP of KMK Labs applying pair programming, sharing their experience, sharing the bad and the good side about pair programming.


Software Architect Indonesia Community (SARCCOM)
is a non-profit organization that has vision and mission
to make people have a better skill and knowledge in information technology field
so it can be useful in real world and make a real impact on industries


SARCCOM vision is to Enable high quality information technology skill and knowledge

Sharing Knowledge

Provide sharing knowledge ecosystem through meetup or events. Encourage anyone to sharing, to open discussion

Fill industrial-academic gap

Give insight to college student and developer about how Software Architecture applied on several industries. So they can have motivation and trigger new ideas

Open-Source Project

Build team through open-source project. Learning together more intense by build something useful.

Level Up

Provide skill and knowledge level up through training, seminar or workshop and cooperate with certification partner


Connecting college student, teacher, IT professional and companies. Buy something useful such as eBook and tools by internal crowdfunding. So anyone can get access to high quality content with affordable price

Software Architecture in Industries

The series of software architecture

Software architecture is a massive multidisciplinary subject, covering many roles and responsibilities, which makes it challenging to teach because so much context is required for every subject. It's also a fast-moving discipline, where entire suites of best practices become obsolete overnight.
Our approach is by provide meetup that highlight how software architecture is applied on industries. We want to target the college student, IT professional, and software developer that interested with software architecture but of course anyone who want to learn are welcome to join us. :-)

Technical Knowledge Power-Up

The series of technology discussion and demo to increase technical depth and technical breadth

What is important for Software Architect is architecture aspects consist of leadership and communication, technical knowledge, business domain knowledge, methodology and strategy.
T-Shaped adj. Having skills and knowledge that are both deep and broad. Individuals who have depth of knowledge in one specialist area and breadth of understanding accross different business disciplines.
Our approach is focus on technical knowledge first because we want to try bottom-up approach from developer to architect. So any developer can transform to software architect without burn out.

What we are talking about...

  • Rise of the Machines View
  • Security and Agile View
  • IoT and Cloud Architecture View
  • Mobile Development Strategy Talks View
  • Woman In Tech Talks View
  • Engineering Culture and Architecting Continuous Delivery View
  • Programming Language War, Does It Matter? View
  • The Role of IT Architect On Company View
  • Nothing Beat Classic View
  • A Software Engineer Journey In Indonesia View
  • Pair Programming In Practice RSVP Here

Learn from the expert. Share to the others. Increase self value and sell the value.

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